Gibson set for Sunderland

Source: Sky Sports
Date Published: 14 June 2011

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Looks like Gibson not moving, ten grand short of his weekly requirement......

- letrip

I don't see this as a worry as all 3 go. Brown has never come back from the season he had a couple of years ago - always been injury prone, but had good career moments. O'Shea has never been first choice and is very one dimensional. Never exciting, but solid. Gibson shines very, very occasionally for me and that's not enough. I wish them well and they all deserve 1st team football. Brucie is following 'the master' by bringing in experience nearing the end of their careers and it'll serve him well. We've bolstered our defence with Smalling & Jones. They are the future!

- Cookster68

Brown and O'Shea deals done today, pretty sure Gibson will follow. Sunderland have got two very good and experienced defenders and we've still got enough at the back with Evans, Jones, Smalling, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Fabio and Rafael.

- Shaun

Apparently Brown would prefer to go to Everton. (Presumably more to do with geography than team preferences.) Don't know if they've actually shown any interest or if it's all just paper talk though.

- fenwar

Apparently O'shea wnats to stay, Gibson def off, not sure re Brown.

- Oli

The only one I'd be sad to lose is O'Shea, I think he's been an invaluable squad member this season. That said, if he wants first team football and can get that at Sunderland then fair play to him. If Gibson goes then hopefully Cleverley gets more chances to play, which isn't a bad thing.

- fenwar

And maybe Welbeck. This sounds like a good deal, with Jones coming in we have a lot of cover in defence. So could afford to lose O'Shea and Brown.

- Shaun