Edwin blasts 'defensive' City

Manchester United veteran Edwin van der Sar has blasted Man City's defensive tactics in Wednesday's derby.

The game was one of the most eagerly-anticipated derbies in years with Carlos Tevezset to line up against his former club.

However, the contest proved something of a damp squib with City sitting back in numbers and United struggling to break down Roberto Mancini's men.

Van der Sar felt the game was one-sided in United's favour and that the hosts were more than happy to claim a point on home soil.

The Dutchman believed that with more time Sir Alex Ferguson's men could have gone on and bagged a winner.

"The game was quite one-sided and City did not really come forward and leave their defensive position," said Van der Sar.

"They were clearly aiming for a point whereas we really wanted to win and we played like that.

"They were more defensive and I didn't have much to do apart from a free-kick.

"If the game had lasted longer, we might have got more from it and I don't think it was a good point for us."

Source: Sky Sports
Date Published: 11 November 2010

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A good point given circumstances. We could/should have nicked it but i'd have taken a draw at the start. Hernandez made a huge impact when he came on. Passing tempo was cranked up a few notches and City reacted by camping in their area. If only Wes had delivered a decent cross in those last 5 minutes. Carrick was superb. His comments recently about trying to play through an achilles problem last year could well explain his sudden return to form. I now suffer from achilles tendinitis and attempted to play through it initially, terrible idea. Carrick will have been struggling to walk pain-free let alone run for large parts of last season. p.s. I've just skimmed through a few newspaper match reports. Carrick only got 5 out of 10 in the Sun. Laughable. p.p.s The picture of Rio and Tevez in the papers today is well worth a look.

- Bragg

At half time I was furious, we looked awful and a total mess. They were more up for it commitment wise just not ability wise. Second half it all changed. We played them off the park and their fans were furious mancini was so negative. It is not suprising we did not score- Rooney out, Nani unfit, berba back to hsi usual self - I wish Hernandez had played longer as he was excellent and upped the tempo. Moral victory for us but worrying we did not score, and more worrying Chelsea won againm, with us having a very tough fixture list ahead.

- Oli

Carrick looks much much better....

- Zain

Bringing on a striker in stoppage time to disrupt our momentum summed up their attitude completely.

- John

Rooney aside, that's our best XI, and everyone played as well as could be expected. City set up not to lose and got what they wanted, they rarely threatened and I was surprised how much of the ball we actually had, a shame we couldn't have nicked it this time.

- fenwar

With a line-up like that there'll be no excuse for not giving them a right good game.

- John

Strong line up...game on!

- Bragg

Me too!

- Oli

Il take a draw...

- Munsterman

I'm not very optimistic about this, and I don't expect more than a point from here. I hope we get that, at least!

- Abner