United to offer part exchange for Rodwell

Manchester United are ready to make Everton a 10 million offer for young midfielder Jack Rodwell, with Michael Carrick also included in the deal, according to a report from The Sun.

Rodwell has been wih the Goodison Park outfit since he was seven and the Toffees are understood to be very relcutant to part with such a fine player.

But United have decided to move for the 19-year-old now, according to the report, rather than waiting for a year until Rodwell has another season under his belt.

The Red Devils apparently fear that waiting 12 months could see the midfielder's price tag soar in value, and could move before the transfer deadline passes on Tuesday.

Source: Goal.com
Date Published: 31 August 2010

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Would love to bring Rodwell in but not at the expense of Carrick - regardless of form. If Berbatov has turned the corner then so can Carrick. Rodwell definitely looks a good prospect but unless Hargo is about to make a miracle return following some kind of radical new knee transplant surgery we need Carrick in the squad.

- fenwar

Can't see it happening at all. Rodwell has impressed me every time I've seen him. Great feet for such a big lad as well. But despite Carrick's horrific lack of form he's a senior, experienced player. Rodwell is just a kid at the moment. If we sell Carrick now, the only two experienced midfielders we have left are Scholes and Fletcher. Plus, Scholes will surely be rested regularly. Rodwell looks a great prospect, but it's asking a lot for him to step up into the United squad and replace Carrick. He's still only 19.

- Menace

i'd like that.

- Shaun

SUN ?? rumour that Carrick on the way and Rodwell coming to OT.

- letrip

He's a cracking player, but I think we need 4 or 5 to come in and we should probably have higher priorities.

- Jonesy

from the little ive seen of him ive been impressed. he seems like a natural footballer with bags of ability. where better and who better to play for/under? he may not be an immediate answer to our obvious midfield problems but would defiantly offer a bright future imo.

- birchy

Looks good but is he really currently better than anything that we've already got? He looks like he's got bags of potential but for the amount he would cost us, I don't think he'd improve us that much and would he really get enough game time to develop? And if we did sign him where would that leave Gibson who has shown signs of potential over this season? If we sign a striker (I know we've signed Hernandez but remains to be seen how good he is) and a quality creative midfielder then I'd be all for signing him but can't see us having the money to do it.

- Dave

Not for me. He'd cost 25+ and not be a type of player we're crying out for at the minute IMO. I'd have been more interested in the kidfrom Charlton that's just about to sign for the scousers.

- jonny

What do people think?

- Oli