Fergie unhappy with Wenger

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at Arsene Wenger's criticism of Paul Scholes.

Scholes has enjoyed a fine start to the new season with United leading to calls for him to return to the international fold with England.

Wenger admitted last week he was a great admirer of Scholes' ability, but claimed there was a 'darker' side to the midfielder's game.

Ferguson was disappointed with Wenger's comments even though he concedes the 35-year-old is not be best tackler in the world.

United chief Ferguson is puzzled why Wenger would add such comments to an appreciation of Scholes' talents.

"I don't know why Arsene Wenger said that," said Ferguson.

"When you are asked your opinion about someone with the ability and performance level of Paul Scholes I don't see why you should say that.

"It is very easy to look at the dark side of any player. I could say it about one of the Arsenalplayers in particular and everybody knows that but there is no need.

"Paul is not the best tackler but he has not injured anyone in his time here.

"You should focus on the strengths and abilities he shows and also the contribution he has made to English football over 18 years. It is phenomenal."

Source: Sky Sports
Date Published: 31 August 2010