Foster seals Blues move

Birmingham City have completed the signing of Ben Foster for an undisclosed fee from Manchester United.

The 27-year-old goalkeeper has penned a three-year deal at St Andrews.

Blues boss Alex McLeish moved for the England international after Manchester Cityrefused to consider the prospect of selling Joe Hart.

Hart spent the 2009/10 campaign on loan at Birmingham and a number of assured displays saw him voted into the Premier League Team of the Season.

Having missed out on the opportunity to bring him on board on a permanent basis, McLeish has wasted no time in finding a replacement.

With Foster having found first-team opportunities difficult to come by at Old Trafford, he was only too happy to discuss a move to the Midlands.

A lack of football with United cost him a place in England's World Cup squad heading to South Africa this summer and he knows he needs to be playing regularly if he is to force his way back into the fold.

Foster is determined to prove himself at the highest level, having struggled to make an impact at Stoke City and Manchester United.

He was snapped up from non-league football by the Potters in 2001 but spent much of his four years at the Britannia Stadium out on loan.

It was during a spell with Welsh outfit Wrexham that he caught the eye of Sir Alex Ferguson, who took him to Old Trafford in 2005.

Injuries and the fine form of Edwin van der Sar blocked his path to the first team with the Red Devils, but he enjoyed two productive loan spells at Championship outfit Watford between 2005 and 2007.

The 2009/10 campaign looked like being the one in which he made his big breakthrough but, after a bright start to the season, he soon found himself back on the bench.

He leaves United having made just 23 senior appearances in five years.

Source: Sky Sports
Date Published: 19 May 2010

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Brilliant letter!

- Abner

that really is awesome. it would be great to see foster reply

- birchy

Great letter from Pete Hargreaves sent to Foster: Dear Ben, You don't know me but we have spoken on several occasions. I am one of the group of people who attend nearly every Reserve and Academy game, home and away. This is the first opportunity I have had to write to you about your misguided comments about the owners of Manchester United, the Glazer family. Plainly I have no idea what your motivation for making those comments was, but judging by what you said to the media there can be no doubt that you have no idea about the situation facing supporters of Manchester United. The group I mention above are about thirty strong. Between us we have been supporting Manchester United for about one thousand years. I have been going to games for well over fifty years. We are as committed to the Club as any group of people can be. All of our disposable income, and that is not a great deal of money in most of our cases, is spent following Manchester United. Since the Glazer family took over Manchester United my season ticket has risen by 69% - I wonder if you were aware of that statistic. I can tell you that my income has not risen by anything even remotely close to that obviously. Ben, you are, compared to most working people, a very well paid and rich young man. That is a wonderful thing and I am delighted for you. Many of our group are living on the `edge'. Over the past five years quite a few of our number, good and loyal supporters, have had to give up their season tickets. They have not done that to make some grand political gesture they have done it because they no longer have the money to pay for their season tickets. As each year has gone by, and more have had to `lose' their treasured tickets, our collective hearts have been shredded. This will be, without any doubt, my last season. I have had a season ticket now for forty years - soon it will be gone. I no longer have the money which is required. It breaks my heart. Ben, I do hope you will think about what I have said and reflect on what you said to the media. Please, consider how hurtful were your comments to good and decent people who have had to forego the one thing in life that they value more than anything else. It would be a wonderful gesture if you would consider retracting what you said. I want to end on a more positive note. I am sad that you have left Old Trafford and I want to wish you well in your career with Birmingham City. May you go from strength to strength. Sincere best wishes, Peter

- Oli

Thanks. I will look more into it!

- ericstheking11

I asked because as much as I love this club, I do not have the time or energy to understand the financial situation of the club. If someone could actually explain to me why the red knights is a good thing then I would have less reason to doubt. For one, it makes no sense to me as to how having numerous owners can be a good thing. They can all be united fans, but in the end, money can lead even the best of men to become greedy and power hungry. Another thing is this, how do I know Oli that you aren't a PR man of the red knights. Basically, your entire post is "confidential". Look at it from my perspective, I am told either to 1. find outmyself from sites that are obviously biased 2. do nothing and be "spoon fed" rubbish media information. either way, I feel I am not getting the full story. So Oli, I would like some links that you actually look at, that in your opinion would give the regular united fan some real insight.

- ericstheking11

And oli, where and how do you know this from all the united players? Did you see this happen? Want to send me a link? This would really be helpfull.

- ericstheking11

Zain, Evra knows nothing, only Ben Foster holds the dressing room together and can speak for the players! Evra - legend and rightful captain Foster - bit part bottler and reserve Take your pick who to believe!

- Oli


- Zain

What are you sceptical about exactly? That wearing different colours and a louder atmosphere are somehow damaging? Fergie doesnt seem to think so. Nine first team players - and certainly more significant ones than Foster - have gone out their way to endorse the supporter groups privately and say we have their full backing. Some even crept out of Carrington to talk to those with banners at the gates and pass on useful info. Evra did so publicly and put his comments on camera, Beckham spoke to G Nev before lifting the scarf at OT, another player donated money. Foster seems to have an axe to grind and remember these quotes about g&g were part of a much wider interview about how awful United fans are generally, for a whole loads of reasons that were all ridiculous. He seems to think Bham fans are far superior - empty seats, booing the team off and racism obviously attracts him.

- Oli

I don't understand the validity of the correlation. Infact, you can manipulate facts into anything with posts like that. I would have to think that even though what foster says may not be 100% literally correct, I wonder how much of what he is saying is actually true? I would rather take his word than an than a united poster.

- ericstheking11