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Welcome to United Online.PLEASE READ FORUM RULES ON PAGE 1 
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Post Welcome to United Online.PLEASE READ FORUM RULES ON PAGE 1
Introduce yourself!!

Hope you'll enjoy your time on here. Most of us know-or at least, pretend to know- what we are talking about. Laughing

I'd say we are a friendly bunch but I'd be lying......ah I'm messing. We don't bite but are generally very opinionated. But don't be intimidated-if you get any hassle just come to me and I'll beat people up for you. In return, feel free to speak your mind even if it goes against the grain. The alternative opinion is one that instigates debate and so is of course, welcome.

A few rules to start with- borrowed from whom gave us permission to use their very apt and very funny list of rules. :

This is a forum for Manchester United supporters - and supporters of other teams who prove themselves worthy of our company - to discuss matters pertaining the club we love (or in the case of rivals, hate) as well as other general discussions. Read this entire message before considering entering. It'll be better for all of us.

Please practice general netiquette at all times. Do not write your messages in ALL CAPS, as it makes you look like as if you're screaming, or just a mad raving lunatic. Do not insult people pointlessly. Do not post using pointlessly provocative titles. Do not be a fool. Do not post anything libelous.

Equally, please remember that when posting here you are not using your mobile phone. There is therefore no reason to use text speak to abbreviate your typing. Text speak does not, contrary to the belief of some people, make things easier to read. It makes things quicker to type, and is therefore a very selfish way of communicating your message. So don't do it. If you do, we will think you are a numb cunt and will treat you like one. If you don't, then you will immediately find you get a touch more respect.

The language used on this forum is english. While we welcome foreign supporters with open arms, we do ask that you try to use good english, as it makes communication much easier for everyone. In our experience though, the lack of good english more often than not falls on what should be "native english speakers", rather than people for whom english is their second language. We are not English teachers, but we do ask that you consider other people when posting. It is easier and more pleasant to read a post that is well written, than one that sounds like it's written by an essex youth who's only attended school twice and hangs around with a "crew". So please be considerate to those who will read what you post. If they find it easier to read, then they will value what you have to say more highly. If you choose to talk like an uneducated piece of shit, then be prepared to be treated like one - nobody will think you're cool, we'll all think you're a cunt.

Post new topics in the correct place. For example, posting a comment about "who should united sign?" in the midst of a discussion about ticket availability for an upcoming game makes the discussion of the original topic that much more difficult for all the users of the forum.

This is a forum for football supporters. Without meaning to generalise, football supporters as a group are not renowned for being easily offended by bad language. You'll also find we have a tendency to use shit loads of it a lot of the fucking time. Deal with it.

While this site's operators do operate a policy of zero tolerance on racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination, the site does not shy from adult debate, language, humour and images. If you can't handle that then fuck off to a new age hippy site.

Signatures are what the name says. Allowed, but should be just that: a signature. If your signature is regularly larger than what you post, your signature is egocentric and should be cut. This goes doubly for those who choose to apply graphics to their signatures. Many people access the forum through a narrow bandwidth, and having a one-meg picture of ryan giggs is just daft. we know what he looks like thank you. You do have the ability to use an image - your avatar displayed with every post. If you need help setting it up, then just ask.

Advertising on the site is not allowed, unless with the permission of the admin team. If you wish to advertise something, then ask us. We’ll check it out, and if we think it’s ok, then we’ll either allow you a post about it, or we’ll tell you where to go. Any adverts placed without our permission will be removed, and the person posting them banned, and we reserve the right to do this without asking any questions.

Some threads are clearly started without thought. The response to it shouldn't be flaming the unfortunate in question - this just perpetuates the nasty atmosphere and in many cases it is ignorance of what's been discussed and allowed in the forum rather than genuine maliciousness. If there is a thread that you believe should be closed or deleted, simply post a message asking us to take action on the thread, or use the "report post to a moderator feature". We will look at the thread and delete it if we agree with you. (Be aware that if you abuse the "report post" feature, it will be you who is deleted, rather than the post). If you see that someone else has already posted to the thread asking to remove it - and you agree with them - don't post anything else to the thread.

Why? Because if you post to it, it skips to the top of the list. By posting to it, you're making it more visible to everyone else. Essentially, it means you make more prominent whatever ridiculous opinion you despise so much. So, if you really care, don't post anything in these threads.

That last one's the important one. It's especially aimed at those who like to think themselves as forum regulars. If you want a good forum, obey.

So, new users - it's best to read the forum for a bit before contributing. It'll keep everyone sweet. And when you do post, introduce yourselves, give us an idea of who you are and why you're here. You'll find the regulars more welcoming that way.

Finally, in order to make this forum work, the admin and mod team will sterilise threads that, in their opinion, serve no use. These include personally abusive, grotesquely off-topic and desperately surreal threads. This is not a democracy. This is a semi-benevolent dictatorship. Behave.

Please help the Manchester United Supporters Trust to get 100,000 members- it won't cost you anything and your email address is protected by the Data Protection Act. Join for free at

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Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:56 pm
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hi all

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Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:30 pm
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Hi, everybody :D
I'm Helen, it's almost my real name, and I'm from Kiev in Ukraine.
I study in university of screen arts, theatre and cinematography. I'm going to be a journalist, I write about films and football :shock: :lol:
I began to love football when I was about 9 years old when I lived in Istanbul, Turkey. I supported Galatasaray and I hated Fenerbahce, and I didn't know about other clubs :shock: Well, maybe I've heard something about our ukrainian clubs, about some English clubs ("Manchester United", "Leeds United" and "Liverpool") but nothing more.. I was interested only in Galatasaray and Turkish Championship...
In few months I left Turkey for Kiev and sometimes I watched here some games... I even don't remember exackly...
In 2004 I started to watch Euro... And Portugal became my favourite team. And Luis Figo one of my favourite players. Well, at that moment he was my favourite player. I also liked Spain very much, but till the end I was supporting Portugal and of course I was very disappointed when they lost in the final match with Greece.
Then came another pause for two years...
I watched some matchs from time to time. I can't name them.
But in 2006 I became real fan. I went crazy because of football. Of course everything started with Mundial, and when the World Cup was over I thought that I'll watch the next match after two years on Euro-2008... But I started to watch Premier League... In few weeks I became a fan of Manchester United.
One week ago I saw my favourite English team here, in Kiev... I went to press-conference and saw Sir Alex Fergusson and Edwin van der Saar...
But I can't watch Premiership on TV now(( So I'm going to pub... Anyway, I'm happy that I've got a possibility to watch the important game against Arsenal...
My biggest football dream... I think there are at least 5 dreams :D But the main one is to visit Old Trafford.

My native language isn't English, it's Russian. And when I write in English, I have many grammar mistakes... So don't be angry, please.

Esta puta vida es loca!!!

Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:08 pm
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OH MY GOD!!!!!

I remember sending Darren this ages ago because I thought it was a delightfully presented interweb set of rules.

Nice to know we asked Manutdchat for it and they agreed.

Makes me laugh every time I read it.

Fri Jan 18, 2008 3:41 pm

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Hey,my names Ben,i am 17 years of age and i sort of live in Manchester & sort of live in Sheffield,my works in Manchester and spend most of my hours in Manchester,watching united on weekends,working weekdays,but when 3:30 strikes on a week day i'm off back to Sheffield where i look after my terminaly ill mate. Been a united supporter all my life,playing football as a kid i always imitated Bryan Robson or Sparky Hughes. Got my first season ticket when i was 14,still have a season ticket now in the Stretford End. Anyway a bit more about me,well I live for the weekends,love going to concerts and i'm planning on making my debut visit to watch the V Festival this year. My mates say im a funny guy,dunno if thats true or not,you can be the judge of that. Anyway that me,any questions just ask.

Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:02 pm

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Hi, my names Colin and Ive been a fan of united since I was about 7. Never been to a united match, but then that is hard when you live in Ireland. Hope to go next year! Favourite player has to be Rooney for his effort, skill and great attitude towards the game.

Fri May 02, 2008 11:42 am

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Post New member
Hi everybody, I'm David,
16 years old and living in the Netherlands,
United fan because, yeah, really don't know actually.
Probably because the dutch football is totally messed up by AFC Ajax.
anyway, I'm united till i die, and i hope we can all have a lough at the fact i'm dutch.


Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:47 pm
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Post Re: New member
Welcome David, whay have Ajax messed up Dutch football?!

В Москве мы сделали это три

Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:55 am

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Post Re: Welcome to United Online.PLEASE READ FORUM RULES ON PAGE 1
I have meant to do this for while.

I live in Suffolk. I live 20 miles from Ipswich and 40 miles from Norwich, so why Man Utd???

Bryan Robson!! When he moved to Utd, that was it for me. I've followed them ever since.

I grew up in the Robson era and for me he was the best (at the time).

My passion for Utd has rubbed off onto my son, who is currently 8 (2009) and we try to get up to Old Trafford as much as poss. but the logistics of it and ticket availability make it difficult.

I played football at every level for my county and once played an Essex team containing Tony Adams, Paul Ince, Danny Maddix and Jon Moncur. (got stuffed 5-0). We did have jason Dozzell though.... :lol:

My very favourite player, being an ex centre half, is Vidic. I consider him to be the best defender in the Prem at the moment and we must keep him!!!

I enjoy the banter on this forum and the help I've received from other forum members.


Question: You've been asked to write a song for the team you support, are you going to do one?
Noel Gallagher: No, I can't think of a word to rhyme with City

Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:29 am
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